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  • Front End Development
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management System
  • Donation System (Crowdfunding)
  • Blog Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • Technical Support

FAHEDI organization focuses on health, development and support needs of individuals, families at different stages of development at the community level in Nigeria, needed a redesign of their website to be a mobile-optimized website to draw attention to the call-to-action and “donate” buttons.


Points to Consider:

Nonprofit organizations are becoming increasingly more reliant on digital tools to streamline and optimize grant-making processes.

Frequently, the impact of nonprofit organizations has very human implications. Communicating inherently non-digital concepts on digital platforms takes careful messaging considerations.

The visual representation of a brand is critical to the public’s comprehensive understanding of an organization.

A modern CMS needed to be customized and to increase internal efficiency

The interface needed to align with the organizational mission

They needed a mobile-optimized website to draw attention to the call-to-action and “donate” buttons.


Teqvon team developed a sitemap, wireframes and responsive website user experience to improve internal efficiency.

We integrated a donation system to help receive donation from anonymous givers at a click with various payment methods added. The call-to-action button was placed at the right top of every page making it easy for users to access from any page. We aslo in

With a solidified strategy going into the project, the design process went smoothly and resulted in a stunning new website for the client. We developed a custom CMS platform that allows them to upload and control all of their necessary content, with a layout and navigation that appeals to all of their user demographics.

Their new website now allow anonymous givers to donate to any cause with the working call-to-action buttons. The internal efficiency got improved by 285%. 

Call-To-Action Button Donation Popup

Call-To-Action Button



The call-to-action button sit right at the top right corner of every page making it easy for any user on any page have easy access

Donation Popup



A donation system that allow users to support the organization on a cause without physical meeting was integrated with various payment methods. 



From The Client

-Prof. O. Irinoye (Executive Director, FAHEDI)

We were very pleased with the services provided by the Teqvon Labs. After understanding our commitment to totally redo our website, they internally analyzed our objectives and presented several bona fide options which we considered. Behind the scenes, they orchestrated the technical components to make sure we were able to deliver on our creative portions. 

The Results

Through the implementation of effective onsite and offsite search engine optimization, FAHEDI experienced a 205% increase in non-branded search engine traffic in just a few months.

Through the donation system integration and call-to-action buttons on every page, FAHEDI has recorded  massive shift in the number of givers by 385% in the first four months of birth.

FAHEDI has won quite a number of grants through the help of the interactive responsive website we built for them.



385% Donations

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